Environmental Effects on Distribution of Squid and Finfish

Working with commercial weir fishermen in Chatham, CCS is studying the effects of environmental variables on the distribution of longfin inshore squid (Doryteuthis pealeii).

Understanding the responses of squid to temperature, oxygen, wind, and other factors has profound implications for the interpretation of abundance surveys and landings data, on which managers base decisions, as well as an understanding of the potential effects of climate change. Monitoring in the weir fishery has continued for over a decade, and logbook and environmental data will be compared to historical data to assess changes in relationships between fisheries catches and environmental factors.

This project began as part of Nichols’ doctoral research at SMAST and has been supported by the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute and grants from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation/A.V. Stout Fund and the Sounds Conservancy/Quebec-Labrador Foundation.

Left: fisherman Shannon Eldredge and Owen Nichols hauling weir (photo: Ernie Eldredge); right: temperature data logger (in white tube) attached to net

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