The Center has a weather station! The system was purchased via donations to the CCS ‘Fund-a-Need’ online auction and installed on the roof of the Center’s Marine Lab in March 2021 by Jerry Evans (Chatham Wind and Time) and CCS Interdisciplinary Research Coordinator Owen Nichols. 

The weather station, a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2, records a variety of weather parameters (see below) and is equipped with a cooling fan for accurate air temperature measurements without the influence of heat reflected from the lab roof. 

The weather station is connected to the CCS server and archives data collected every 30 minutes in addition to sharing real-time data to other users via the WeatherLink network.

Archived data are being used by CCS scientists in their studies and are available for use by students, educators, researchers and interested members of the public. Requests for data can be made to [email protected].

We dedicate our weather station in memory of long-serving CCS staff member and volunteer Charlie Westcott. Staff who have been at CCS for a while remember that among the tasks he performed dutifully and rigorously, he routinely replaced the paper data tape from the old National Weather Service (NWS) cooperative observation system weather station at the Provincetown Coast Guard station and mailed the completed ones to the NWS facility in Taunton. At CCS, we strive to be as steadfast and vigilant as Charlie as we monitor the changing ecosystems around us.

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