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5 Holway Avenue
Provincetown, MA 02657
Main telephone: (508) 487-3622
Email: [email protected]

Richard Delaney, Executive Director

Jon Carreiro, Development Assistant
508-487-3622 x133

Nathaniel Doane, Facilities Manager

Valerie Daniels, HR Manager
508-487-3622 x 113

Kathy Howes, Development Specialist

Doug Karlson, Director of Communications
508-487-3622 x109

Karen Langfield, Controller
508-487-3622 x103

Jennifer McFarland, Volunteer Coordinator/Kiosk Manager
508-487-3622 x104

Cathrine Macort, Director of Administration and Operations
508-487-3622 x103

Sue Nickerson, Development Director
508-487-3622 x102

Kathy Shorr, Development Officer
508-487-3622 x108

Laura Stinson, Assistant Development Director
508-487-3622 x100

Program Staff

Marine Policy Program
Rich Delaney, Senior Advisor & Interim Director

Marine Education
Jesse Mechling, Director
508-487-3623 x114

Water Quality Monitoring Program
508-487-3623 x122
Amy Costa, Ph.D., Director
Jennifer Burkhardt, Research Assistant
Troy Wood, Research Assistant
Marc Costa, Field Operations Manager

Humpback Whale Studies Program
508-487-3623 x116
Jooke Robbins, Ph.D., Director
Vania E. Rivera León, Research Associate
Paulette Durazo, Research Assistant
Emily Kelly, Research Assistant
Martine Bérubé, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Per Palsbøll, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Mason Weinrich, Adjunct Scientist

Land – Sea Interaction Program
508-487-3623 x123
Katie Castagno, Ph.D.,Director
Graham Giese, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Patrick Barger, Research Assistant

Seafloor Mapping Program
508-487-3623 x117
Mark Borrelli, Ph.D., Coastal Geologist, Director
Pedro dos Santos, Hydrographer/Marine Technician, Assistant Program Director
Agnes Mittermayr, Ph.D., Marine Ecologist
Dan Solazzo, Marine Researcher

Coastal Geographic Research and Applied Sciences Program (CGRASS)
508-487-3623 x 130.
Steve Mague, Program Director
Samantha McFarland, Assistant Program Director

Marine Fisheries Research
508-487-3623 x128
Owen Nichols, Director
Tommy Tucker, Research Assistant
Claire Williams, AmeriCorps Cape Cod Service Member

Seal Research Program
508-487-3622 x101
Lisa Sette, Manager

Shark Ecology Research Program
508-487-3622 x124
Bryan Legare, Manager

Marine Debris and Plastics Program
Laura Ludwig, Manager

Right Whale Ecology Program
Daniel Palacios, Ph.D., Director
Charles “Stormy” Mayo, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Annie Bartlett, Aerial Observer
Christy Hudak, Associate Scientist
Amy James, Research Associate, Aerial Observer
Ashley Millan Ambert, Aerial Observer & Flight Coordinator
Ryan Schosberg Aerial Observer & Data/Photo Manager

Marine Animal Entanglement Response
Scott Landry, Director
David Mattila, Coordinator, Global Entanglement Response Network
Bob Lynch, Rescue Operations Manager
Paulette Durazo, Rescue Assistant
Lisa Sette, Rescue Assistant
Morgan Pirozzi, Rescue Assistant

Marine Operations
Ted Lucas, Captain

Adjunct Staff *
Martine Bérubé, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Robert Brock, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Salvatore Cerchio, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Christopher W. Clark, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Moncrieff Cochran, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Stephen DeVincent, DVM, Adjunct Scientist
Benjamin Giese, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Ellen Hines, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Alyssa Novak, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Per Palsbøll, Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist
Mason Weinrich, Adjunct Scientist

The late Carole Carlson, Ph.D., former Adjunct Scientist

2024-2025 Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Steve Carlson, Chair
Ridgefield, CT
I.T. Professional, Pitney Bowes (ret.)

Herb Heidt, Vice-Chair
Harwich, MA
Professional Cartographer dba MapWorks

Carole Levin, Clerk
Boston, MA
Director, Mill Cove Advisors

Dean Stein, Treasurer
Provincetown, MA
Executive Director, American Psychoanalytic Assoc. (ret.)

Christopher W. Clark, Ph.D.
Truro, MA
Graduate Professor, Dept. Neurobiology and Behavior & Adjunct Scientist, Center for Conservation Bioacoustics, Cornell University

Roy F. Coppedge, III
East Harwich, MA
Managing Director, BV Investment Partners

Jeanne Leszczynski
Needham, MA
Doctor of Public Health, Associate Professor of Pathology
UMass Medical School, ret.

Jeanne McNett, Ph.D., Immediate Past Chair
Orleans, MA
Educator and Researcher in International Management

Andrew Young
Chatham, MA
Cape Cod Five ret., USCG Master License

2024-2025 Board of Directors

Michael Caccavale
North Chatham, MA
CEO, Pluris Marketing

Lynne M. Carter, Ph.D.
Barrington, RI
Associate Director, Coastal Sustainability Studio, Louisiana State University
Associate Director, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program

Claudia Dent
Berlin, MA
Executive-in-Residence, Akmazo Capital

Cliff Krauss
Truro, MA

Chuck Lagasse
Newburyport, MA
Owner & Founder, Ocean Havens LLC

Lori Meads
Provincetown, MA
President & CEO, Seamen’s Bank; Executive Director, Seamen’s Bank Long Point Charitable Foundation

Craig Milan
Miami, FL

Linda B. Miller, Ph.D.
South Wellfleet, MA
Professor of Political Science, Emerita Wellesley College

Horatio Potter
North Eastham, MA and Wilsall, MT

Chris Towle
Scarsdale, NY

Dan Wolf
Harwich, MA
Founder and Board Chair, Cape Air

* Adjunct Scientist Policy
All Center for Coastal Studies adjuncts must meet one of the below criteria in order to be officially recognized as a CCS adjunct scientist or educator:

– Currently actively involved in collaborative research; or
– Be listed as co-applicants, sub-awards, or contractors for grant funded projects; or
– Have a current appointment as an associated lecturer or trainer; or
– Be listed as a co-author on publications in anticipation of long-term association; or
– Have a long-term affiliation on a joint marine policy endeavor resulting in ongoing policy related initiatives

The active status of each adjunct faculty or educator will be reviewed biennially. Adjunct research and education awardees may be provided an email address and temporary office or lab space (when available) upon request. Adjunct affiliates are not included in staff announcements. Any person to be considered as an adjunct must be nominated by current staff and/or a CCS research member. For more information, email [email protected].

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