The Center for Coastal Studies is always interested in welcoming people who would like to lend their time and talents to our mission. Volunteering is a great way to use your experience and interests to make friends while making a genuine and vital contribution to an organization that means something to you.

At this time, we regret to report that pending further notice, the Center has suspended all volunteer activities that require inside attendance at the Hiebert Marine Lab, as well as the operation of our kiosk of MacMillan Pier.  This is due to the necessity of ensuring the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  We do expect a limited number of field volunteer opportunities to arise throughout the coming summer months and will post them here as they occur. 

In the meantime, you can still love the ocean and support the Center’s work as a volunteer ocean steward–by picking up trash any time you visit a beach or coastline, becoming a member of Coastal Studies, visiting our online store and making a purchase, or following any of the other advisories in our 6-Pact for the Ocean.  Everyone at the Center and all the wild things that call the ocean home will thank you!



Please check back for possible field opportunities in our scientific programs.


Please check back for upcoming post-COVID opportunities.


Landscape and Gardening Volunteer

Do you love to work outside? In the garden? Enjoy manual labor?  Have we got some projects for you!  

Our facilities manager needs help this summer beautifying our grounds and working to maintain the Carole Carlson Memorial Garden.

The Carole Carlson Garden is our tribute to one of the Center’s founding researchers, a pioneer in humpback photo ID methodology.

Tasks would include mowing designated areas every other week or as needed; weed-whacking designated areas every other week or as needed; help with bagging clippings for the landfill; trimming shrubs; some digging up and relocation of various shrubs and ornamental grasses; spreading mulch; and watering.

If you would like to become involved in the design area, you might like to join the Center’s Landscape Committee, which hopes to create a butterfly garden and a rain garden, among other projects.

Basic skills required: experience operating and maintaining lawn mower, weed whacker, hedge trimmer; gardening and/or landscaping experience; ability to lift and move 50 pounds.

The Center will supply you with basic safety equipment including COVID-19 face mask, although you are welcome to use your own if you prefer.         

COVID Protocols are strictly followed by CCS and are available upon request and provided to all new volunteers.  They include entering the building wearing a face mask; regularly washing hands or use of hand sanitizer; social distancing. 

For applications and further information please contact:

Janet Young, Volunteer Coordinator
Center for Coastal Studies
Provincetown, MA 02657
508-487-3622, ext. 104
[email protected]

A message to potential volunteers under the age of 18: While we love to encourage young people to become involved in marine science, conservation and education, our limited staff and resources prevent us at this time from being able to coordinate a formal volunteer program for minors. However, we are happy to consider requests on a case by case basis.

We Greatly Appreciate All of Our Volunteers!

The Center is incredibly grateful to its to small army of passionate, dedicated volunteers. Almost 100 year-round Cape Codders, summer residents, college students, high schoolers, retirees and working folk elect to spend some of their precious free time helping our scientists and educators.

Many are from the Outer Cape but others travel from as far afield as the mid-Cape to help out at our lab in Provincetown, and some do on-site work off-Cape in Plymouth and Duxbury. Our youngest volunteer is in 8th grade, while some of our more worldly helpers are in their 8th decade. Some have been with us for a couple of weeks, others for over ten years.

Several of our key programs could not function without volunteers. The Water Quality Monitoring Program’s nearly two dozen volunteers collect hundreds of samples each season, from May through October, from 22 sites around the entire perimeter of  Cape Cod Bay, that will be used to assess its overall quality. The Benthic Ecology project’s “lab team” faces the formidable task of counting tens of thousands of tiny individual bottom-dwelling animals comprising 65 different species, all of which will help to develop maps of biodiversity hot spots (among other things).

Sherry Brec has been an outreach volunteer at our kiosk for five years, and a docent with the Spinnaker exhibit since it opened.

Our public outreach volunteers at the kiosk and the Hiebert Marine Lab show their love of teaching and talking to inform the public about the life history of Spinnaker the humpback whale, whose 35-foot skeleton is displayed in the atrium at the lab, and to sell CCS merchandise, the proceeds from which support our marine conservation efforts.

Heather Edwards, Dennis Ubriaco, Project Director Agnes Mittermayr, Brian O’Malley and Marcy Feller in the benthic lab.

Great volunteers like ours are hard to find, and we know how unbelievably fortunate we are to have these wonderful people on our team!  Our current roster is shown below, with his or her first year of service.

Fran Adams (2019) * Lin Allgeier (2019) * Americorps Class of 2019 * John Anderson (2018) * Jesse Angelo (2019) * Laurie Appleby (2018)  *  Arrana Ashton (2018)  *  Kristina Atsalis (2019)  *  Karen Back (2019) * Patty Bennett Walsh (2019) * Tom Bliss (2018)  *  Dana Bloch (2019) * Helen Borges (2018)  * *  Elizabeth Bradfield (2009)  * Steve Brazil (2019) * Sherry Brec (2015)  *  Barbara Brennessel (2017)  *  Judy Bullard (2011)  *  Lee Burns (2010)  *  Kathy Burroughs (2019) * Pat Canavan (2018)  *  Kevin Cassidy (2017)  *  Marina Chander (2019) * Jim Christopher (2018)  *  Carolyn Collins (2015) *  Elise Cozzi (2016)  *  Laura Curran (2019)  *  Joshua Dalo (2018) *  Bob Daniel (2018)  *  George  Davis (2017)  *  Oharra  Deschamps (2015)  *  Robert Dixon (2018)  * Susan Downey (2019) * Pine duBois (2015)  *  Mark duBois (2018)  *  Mary Beth Dyer  (2018)  * Melissa Falen (2018)  *  Ray Faulkner (2019)  *  Marcy Farrell (2017)  *  Joann Figueras (2007)  *  Dennis Fitzkee (2015)  *  Brian Fitzpatrick (2017)  *  Sharon Fitzpatrick (2019)  *  Suzanne Fleming (2013)  *  Larry Franke (2017)  *  Cynthia Franklin (2017)  *  Kimberly Frary (2019)  *  Steven Furlong (2016)  *  D’Arcy George (2019)  * Inez Giles (2019)  *  Carol Girard-Irwin (2019)  *  Sue Girard-Irwin (2019)  *  Alondra Gomez (2019)  *  Heather Grenon (2007)  *  Scott Grenon (2007)  *  Maria Grotz (2018)  *  Diana Haemer (2019)  *  Kathy Haltom (2019)  *  Lydia Hamnquist (2018)  *  John Hanle (2018)  * Lindi Higgins (2018)  *   Christine Hight (2016)  *  Connie Hinds (2010)  *  George Hirst (2019)   *  Madeline Kelly (2019)  *  Mary Ellen Kimball (2018)  *  Peter Kosewski  (2017)  *  Herb Kressel (2019)  *  Shirley Kressel (2019)  *  Nan Leclaire Hirst (2019)  *  Sheri Lee (2016)  *  Hal Levine (2017)  *  Zoe Lewis (2018)  *  Jack Lloyd (2019)  *  Sandy Longley (2019)  *  Corrine Losch (2019)  *  Pippa Low (2019) *  Garrett Maggio (2019)  *  Dylan Marat (2019)  *  Edward Maheigan (2017)  *  Genevieve Martin (2011)  *  Bruce Mason (2016)  *  Jody Melander (2019)  *  Brian O’Malley (2017)  *  Becca Miller (2019)  *  Ellen O’Connell (2019)  *  Emily O’Connell (2019)  *  Jody O’Neill (2018)  *  John Parker (2013)  *  Stefanie Paventy (2015)  *  Barbara Penn (2017)  *  Anne Puzzo (2018)  *  Delta Rae Read (2019)  *  Bailey Reigel (2019)  *  Rob Ross (2019)  *  Garine Roubinian (2019)  *  Joan Shaffer (2016)  *  Patricia Shannon (2018)  *  Jane Sharp (2019)  *  Sheila Sheridan (2012)  *  Donna Smith (2019)  *  Jan Spence (2016)  *  Andrea Spence (2018)  *  Leslie Starr (2018)  *   Betty Suraci (2007)  *  Phil Suraci (2007)  *  Penny Sutter (2016)  *  Jessen Swider (2019)  *  Tracy Taylor (2018)  *  Sharon Topper (2018)  *  Denise Traver (2012)  *   Jeanne Washington (2017)  *  David Watson (2019)  *  Sue Whitman-Helfgot (2017)  *  Fran Widdick (2018)  *  Philip Wilson (2017)  *  Amy Wolff (2017)  *  Jim Woodworth (2015)  *  Don Yasi (2019)  *  Mary Zarba (2019)

This page updated June 17, 2020.

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