Joanna Toole Internship – Global Ghost Gear initiative (summer/fall 2021)

The internship is open to a female graduate student or recent graduate with a background in marine science, biology, political or social science, or any related/relevant topic with a keen interest in abandoned, lost, discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) and in pursuing a career in ocean conservation. The successful candidate will assist the Senior Leadership of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) with coordinating the GGGI activities, engaging the GGGI membership, and advancing specific projects related to building evidence as well as our GGGI solutions work. This 6-month position is 40 hours a week with a flexible schedule. The first three months will be an in-person field experience with the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The second three months will be a remote position with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative at Ocean Conservancy.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES – FIELD WORK (Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA)
Complete specific and dedicated field work focused on the harmful impacts ghost gear can have on our oceans and its precious marine life including marine animals.
Tasks will depend on the needs of and opportunities at the organization at the time of the internship, but will be related to evidencing the impacts of ghost gear and, if possible, differentiating them from other human impacts on marine animals. Responsibilities may include providing hands-on support of research and rescue programs in the field, assisting in the analysis of data (such as to determine if ghost gear is involved in marine animal entanglements or to classify beach cleanup materials), supporting awareness raising activities and helping formulate and implement collaborative solutions.

Support one or more of our GGGI member organizations with a dedicated project in line with the interests of the intern and needs of the GGGI.
Assist with the reporting on GGGI Solution Projects for internal purposes as well as for our donors.
Assist with updating the GGGI website with news stories, project write-ups, and; as well as putting together the GGGI newsletter, external presentations and other communication tasks (such as factsheets, policy briefs and blogs) as required.
Handle logistics for special functions and conducts other special projects and activities, including the mid-term GGGI Annual Meeting as assigned.
Support the development and execution of GGGI online workshops and presentations for the implementation of our Best Practice Framework.
Support the launch of the GGGI Data Portal 2 in collaboration with the GGGI Building Evidence Working Group.
Perform other duties as assigned by the GGGI Senior Leadership.

Applications MUST be made via Ocean Conservancy’s online portal. CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.

Co-founded by Joanna Toole in 2014, and launched by World Animal Protection in 2015, the GGGI is a cross-sectoral alliance addressing abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) or “ghost gear” worldwide. Through the collective impact of its members, the GGGI aims to mitigate the ecological and economic impacts of ghost gear. The GGGI serves as a global clearinghouse for information on ALDFG; informs specific plans, strategies and policies to prevent and reduce ALDFG; and catalyzes practical and replicable solutions for on-the-ground and in-the-water removal and prevention of ghost gear. The GGGI also works with governments and multilateral organizations around the world to elevate the issue of ghost gear on the global agenda and inspire international action. Ocean Conservancy assumed the role of GGGI host organization in 2019 and manages the day-to day operations, budget and staff of the GGGI. The GGGI is part of the Trash Free Seas® program’s portfolio of initiatives addressing marine debris at Ocean Conservancy.

In March 2019, Joanna Toole, one of the principal architects and driving forces behind the establishment of the GGGI, was tragically killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash as she was on her way to further engage the international community to address ghost gear and its environmental impacts. In recognition of Jo’s leading role in addressing ghost gear and in celebration of Jo’s legacy and dedication to her work, the GGGI, in close consultation with Joanna’s family, friends and the members of the GGGI including OceanCare, has proposed to establish the Joanna Toole Internship to further the work of the GGGI, to continue to inspire generations to come to protect our oceans from ghost gear and support female leaders in the field in pursuing a career in ocean conservation. The Joanna Toole Internship will be hosted by Ocean Conservancy and funded by Ocean Conservancy and Ocean Care to support GGGI’s work as well as that of GGGI member organizations that have come forward; and will be formally awarded by the Joanna Toole Foundation and OceanCare together with the GGGI.

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