Department of Ecology

The Department of Ecology at CCS encompasses interconnected disciplines that investigate a variety of areas including mid-water habitat studies, fin and shell fisheries, aquaculture, zoo and phytoplankton biology, toxic algae monitoring, sea grass ecology and restoration, marine nutrient chemistry, pharmaceutical pollution, oceanography, pinniped (seal) studies, and large whale ecology, distribution, and behavior. The department’s Marine Debris and Plastics Program cuts across the research areas of the department and interacts with the departments of Marine Geology and Population Biology.

The Department of Ecology has a comprehensive mission aimed at developing an understanding of the relationship between the physical and biological components of the marine system and human activities in coastal and off-shore environments. The research programs and projects within the Department of Ecology include:

· Water Quality Monitoring / Marine and Estuarine Studies Program

· Marine Debris and Plastics Program

· Marine Fisheries Research Program

· Right Whale Ecology Program

· Seal Studies

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