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Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary provides important habitat for a vast array of marine species. For Centuries, we have harvested fish and shellfish living in Stellwagen Bank’s nutrient-rich waters. Today fishing fleets from numerous Massachusetts ports continue to fish for many commercially important species such as Atlantic cod, silver hake and yellowtail flounder. Important shellfish species include American lobster, sea scallops, squid and ocean quahogs. Pelagic fish such as bluefin tuna and striped bass are favorites among recreational fishermen. In addition, myriads of seabirds can be found in the sanctuary throughout the year. Migratory birds visit the area en rout to their destinations. Bird species found on Stellwagen include gannets shearwaters storm petrels, fulmars, falaropes and alcids such as puffins and razorbills. Other important species, such as endangered sea turtles as well as various species of marine mammals utilize the natural resources found in Stellwagen.

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