Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center

Extended-study-area-11121-scaledThe Town of Provincetown, Center for Coastal Studies, NOAA’s Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and a Community Steering Committee are working with Oudens Ello Architecture to develop a conceptual design for a proposed Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center in Provincetown.

The Center will feature interactive exhibits describing the Sanctuary’s wildlife, environmental resources, human uses and challenges, act as a gateway between the town and the sanctuary to draw locals and tourists, and provide additional meeting space for town events and student activities. The project will also enable improvements to be made to the transportation area and parking lot and potentially open the area for more public space and outdoor installations or exhibits.

The community had a number of opportunities to provide input on the uses of the visitor center and master plan for the property. A public kick off event took place on Wednesday, October 28 at the proposed site at Ryder Street Extension/Municipal Parking Lot (MPL) area. Community Survey #1 was introduced at that time, asking for feedback on programmatic uses of the center.

A zoom webinar was held on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. Feedback in the design concepts was submitted via Community Survey #2 and by email.  A recording of the webinar and information session was posted online for interested parties who were unable to attend the live session. The slideshow presented by Oudens Ello Architecture can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Two final concepts were presented to the Provincetown Select Board at its March 8, 2021 public meeting. The “Wharf Concept” location (pictured below) was selected for further development.

SBNMS Visitor Center Feasibility Study
Press Release: Provincetown Kicks Off Conceptual Design Phase for Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center

For additional information please contact Anne-Marie Runfola, NOAA Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Program Coordinator and Visitor Center Project Manager, at 781-546-6023, or Rich Delaney (President and CEO, CCS) at 508-487-3622 x111.


SBNMS Visitor Center Study Area (click to view larger image)


SBNMS Visitor Center Building Program (click to view larger image)

Design Options Summary (click to view larger image)

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