Beach Cleanups

The Center organizes volunteer beach cleanups on Long Point and Herring Cove in Provincetown during fall, winter and spring months. Items collected during the cleanups are documented, sorted and then recycled or disposed of. Data from the cleanups is tracked internally and also submitted to the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) at the Ocean Conservancy, where it contributes to the ever unfolding story of how beach debris impacts our world. Join us when you can, together we make a big difference!

How YOU can help
When the Center conducts a beach cleanup, volunteers tally the items collected and track them on data sheets. CLICK HERE to download a copy of our data sheet; bring it along on your next beach walk, then send the completed form to us and we’ll include it in our database.

Here is a table of the top ten items over the last 5 years that were collected from Long Point and Herring Cove during Center-sponsored cleanups:

10: Balloon/balloon strings
9: Styrofoam cups/pieces
8: Straws/stirrers
7: Nets/pieces of netting
6: Food Wrappers
5: Rope
4: Plastic wrapping/containers
3: Stryofoam pieces
2: Caps/lids
1: Non-descript plastic pieces


Beach Cleanup, April 2016

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