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Unlocking the Secrets of Shark Movement (NBC10 Boston)
Featuring Bryan Legare, Manager, CCS Shark Ecology Research Program

Learn more about shark research at CCS:
What They Do In The Shallows

Presented by Bryan Legare (Manager, CCS Shark Ecology Research Program) as part of the 2021 Napi’s Online Lecture Series.

Policy, Education and Outreach

Marine Animal Entanglement Response

Marine Geology

Water Quality Monitoring

Sharing Our Waters – Whales of Cape Cod


All The Small Things: Keystone species and conserving our delicate food webs
Presented by Agnes Mittermayr, PhD

Understanding Bycatch and Depredation in Gillnet Fisheries: Fishermen and scientists working together to gather underwater insights
Presented by Owen Nichols (Director, CCS Marine Fisheries Research Program), Alex Bocconcelli (Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Doug Feeney (Commercial Fisherman)

White Sharks and Gray Seals: Movements of white sharks off a gray seal haul out at High Head, Massachusetts
Moderated by Rich Delaney (CCS President and CEO), presented by Lisa Sette (Seal Research Manager, CCS) and Bryan Legare (seascape ecologist; doctoral intern, CCS Seafloor Mapping program)

Coastal Geology, Seafloor Mapping, and Preparing for Climate Change
Moderated by Rich Delaney, presented by Dr. Graham Giese (co-founder of the Center for Coastal Studies, Scientist Emeritus and Director of the CCS Land-Sea Interaction Program) and Dr. Mark Borrelli (Coastal Geologist; Chair, CCS Marine Geology Department)

A series of short presentations by CCS staff and colleagues, hosted by Rich Delaney (President & CEO, Center for Coastal Studies)

Global Ghost Gear Initiative
Presented by Jenna Schwerzmann, recipient of the inaugural Joanna Toole Internship.

Evolution of a Gray Seal Haul Out
Presented by Lisa Sette, Biologist / Seal Research Manager, CCS

Celebrating World Oceans Day

Coastal Acidification
Presented by Jenny Burkhardt, Research Assistant, CCS Water Quality Monitoring Program.

Squid Fisheries and Climate Change
Presented by Owen Nichols, Director, CCS Marine Fisheries Research Program

Right Whale Program Update
Presented by Dr. Charles “Stormy” Mayo, CCS Co-Founder; Chair, CCS Department of Ecology

Storm Tide Pathways and Preparing for Sea Level Rise
Presented by Dr. Mark Borrelli, Chair, CCS Marine Geology Department

Earth Day Cleanups and “Think Like It’s 1620” Campaign


TEDxProvincetown: Keystone species and conserving our delicate food webs 
Presented by Dr. Agnes Mittermayr, Benthic Ecologist, CCS Marine Geology Department

TEDxProvincetown: Storm Tide Pathways map flooding from storm surge and rising seas
Presented by Dr. Mark Borrelli, Coastal Geologist; Chair, CCS Marine Geology Department Chair



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