May 2008


01 May. The first survey of May proved to be very different from our busy flights throughout April. Covering the ocean side of the Cape, followed by all of our 15 survey lines within the bay, we sighted a total of only 12 right whales. Two of these whales were near to Race Point, with the majority (9 animals) located in the northwestern-most corner of the bay, and a single whale to the south. Whilst many of these whales were observed feeding, a number seemed to be traveling fast in a northerly direction, suggesting that these could be the last of the large numbers of right whales we have been observing in previous weeks, finally leaving Cape Cod Bay and moving to new feeding grounds.

IMG_466406 May. We had a gorgeous day out above the bay today, with very little wind and flat calm waters! We slowly made our way up through Cape Cod Bay going trackline by trackline, and looking for right whales. We had an incredible view of a basking shark, and saw quite a few fin and humpback whales, but not a single right whale was seen! It appears that they’ve left just as suddenly as they came.

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