Dear Friends,

As you read and enjoy the 2019 Coastwatch/Annual Report, I anticipate you will be thoroughly impressed, as I am, with the scope, depth and geographic reach of the work performed by our incredibly talented and dedicated staff here at the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS).  I am honored to work alongside these colleagues every day of the year, and to bring you a snapshot of the inspiring work going on at CCS this year.

While we are inundated daily with daunting news of climate crises and unthinkable threats to the health of our oceans and coasts, these same colleagues, and many more with whom we collaborate, give me the optimism to persist despite today’s arduous global predicament.

We cannot and will not stand witness as our climate changes, our oceans warm, marine animals die, chemicals and plastics pollute our waterways and our coastal communities flood.  As you will read in Coastwatch, we have redoubled our determination over the past year, and we have much more activity planned for the year ahead.

Here at CCS we help our communities fight for the future:

  • Despite inevitably rising sea levels, we help communities throughout Massachusetts predict, prepare and adapt to more frequent coastal flooding;
  • We fight to reduce the ubiquitous single use plastics in our communities; engage families in beach clean-ups and remove mega plastic debris from our oceans and coasts;
  • Ship Strike. “Unusual Mortality Events”. Our whales are dying at an unprecedented rate. We work with scientists the world over to address these problems and discover the cause of increasing whale deaths along the Eastern seaboard;
  • Climate change may be irreversible, but we show people how to help slow or even halt the rate of change by lowering their own carbon footprint and working for needed fundamental shifts in legislative policies, and individual and corporate practices;
  • Closer to home we investigate the habits of sharks moving just offshore, the diet and DNA of seals populating our bays and beaches, and the ecosystem intricacies of places like Pleasant Bay and Barnstable Harbor, all to improve our understanding and management of the complex marine systems around us.

We need to keep pushing. Keep learning. Keep teaching. Keep doing science that matters.

Please, help us do our work. Every dollar you donate allows our scientists more time in the lab and in the field, analyzing results and disseminating knowledge, instead of spending hours writing grant applications, seeking sponsors, and submitting proposals for contracts.

Your gift of funds will give our staff the gift of time that they need to do what we all need them to do: lead the fight to protect our oceans for the future.

Please consider increasing your Annual Appeal donation to $100, $500 or even $5,000 to make 2020 the most successful year yet at the Center for Coastal Studies.

Please CLICK HERE to make a donation today. You may also mail your gift to CCS, 5 Holway Avenue, Provincetown, MA 02657, or call 508-487-3622 x 102.

Thank you for your support.



Rich Delaney
President & CEO

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