Citizen Scientists


Volunteer “Citizen Scientists” are a critical component of the water quality monitoring program. of Cape Cod Bay. At least 12 sites, from Provincetown to Plymouth, are sampled each week (June – October) during mid-ebb tide by volunteers. These sites are located further inshore in areas not accessible by boat. Data on water quality parameters (temperature, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and nutrients) are collected.

Current Citizen Scientists

Name: Sharon Fitzpatrick
Monitoring Station: Scorton Creek and Scorton Creek Jones Lane (2019-present)

Name: Phil and Betty Suraci
Monitoring Station: Boat Meadow (2006-present)

Name: Inez Giles
Monitoring Station: Cole Road Brook (2019-present)

Name: Carolyn Collins
Monitoring Station: Ellisville (2006-present)

Name: Peter Kosewski
Monitoring Station: Herring River (2017-present)

Name: Pine du Bois and Alex Mansfield
Monitoring Station: Jones River and Jones River Landing (2006-2015)

Name: Joann Figueras
Monitoring Station: Little Namskaket (2006-present)

Name: John Parker
Monitoring Station: Millway Beach (2013-2015)

Name: Kevin Cassidy
Monitoring Station: Namskaket Creek (2017-present)

Name: Stefanie Paventy and ESCCI Senior Corps
Monitoring Station: Old Harbor Police Department, Old Harbor Dewey Ave., Scorton Creek 6A (2010-present)

Name: Scott and Heather Grenon
Monitoring Station: Paines Creek (2006-present)

Name: Jan Spence
Monitoring Station: Plymouth Harbor (2016-present)

Name: Denise Traver
Monitoring Station: Quivett Marsh (2011-present)

Name: Judy Bullard
Monitoring Station: Upper Namskaket (2007-present)

Name: Lee Burns and Connie Hinds
Monitoring Station: Sandwich Boardwalk (2018-present)

Name: Edward Maheigan
Monitoring Station: White Horse Beach and Bay Shore Drive, Plymouth (2017-present)

If you are interested in participating in the Cape Cod Bay Monitoring Program, please contact:

Jennifer Burkhardt
Volunteer Coordinator, Cape Cod Bay Monitoring Program
Center for Coastal Studies
5 Holway Avenue
Provincetown, MA 02657
[email protected]

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