Right Whale Emergency Initiative


The North Atlantic right whale is heading towards extinction.

There are only about 430 of these amazing animals left in the world; of those, fewer than 100 are breeding females.

Only five new calves were born in 2017. This year, researchers have yet to see even one.

In the last year 18 right whales were found dead, including several females. The effect of these current and future losses on the tiny population is devastating.

Scientists agree that whale deaths are primarily caused by vessel collisions or entanglement in fishing gear, like this young female right whale named Starboard, pictured above feeding in Cape Cod Bay in Spring 2017, and below, shortly after she became wrapped in line and drowned in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

With your support, the Center can help prevent future deaths.

Our expanded research will locate and monitor the right whales in Cape Cod Bay and in the the waters east of the Cape and north to Jeffreys Ledge, off the MA and NH coasts.

Our work will allow managers to expand mariner slow-down warnings and improve seasonal fisheries regulations, increase the probability of finding and freeing entangled whales, and raise public awareness of these critically endangered animals that desperately need our help to survive.

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