Twenty Actions to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Level I –Ten Easy No-Cost Choices

1) Call for a free professional energy assessment for your home or business to learn
what specific options you have to save money and energy and reduce carbon
emissions (1-800-797-6699)

2) Reduce hot water heater setting to 120 degrees F

3) Shutdown/Unplug electronic devices when not in use
Sleeping devices such as computers and TVs continue to draw electricity even when not in use

4) Make sure air-conditioning systems and heating systems are well- maintained and filters are clean

5) Consider showers instead of baths; use a low-flow shower head

6) Air-dry dishes and clothes when possible

7) Choose green products that favor reduced packaging and climate impact

8) Reduce, reuse, or recycle plastic, cans, glass, newspapers, magazines, etc.

9) Keep vehicle tires properly inflated

10) Plan vehicle trips to be efficient; use public transportation when practical

Level II—Five Effective Low-Cost Choices That Can Offer Rebates/Financial Incentives

1) Change out lights to LED bulbs
90% energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs

2) Make sure your house or building is properly insulated and that air leaks are
sealed, stop drafts around doors and windows, prevent heat loss up chimneys

3) Install a Programmable Thermostat and use the settings to heat and cool your
house or building efficiently

4) Purchase Energy Star Certified equipment and appliances

5) Choose carefully among “Green Power Supply” options

Level III—Five Effective Long-Term Choices

1) Consider purchasing a solar system to produce your own electricity

2) Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle

3) When planning to construct or remodel a home or building, incorporate best
practices and design, as well as efficient energy systems and lighting

4) Support local and regional policies that will promote transportation and
energy policies to reduce our collective carbon footprint

5) Evaluate installation and use of a “Time of Use” Electricity Meter as they become